Soap Dish, Zero Waste & Compostable
Soap Dish, Zero Waste & Compostable

Soap Dish, Zero Waste & Compostable

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Zero Waste soap dish made of 100% bamboo and cornstarch - nothing else!

Backyard compostable and completely degrades 2 years after buried. This dish quickly drains water off of your soaps to help them last longer, and catches all the water in the tray below for mess-free countertops. Remove the bamboo insert for easy cleaning.

Made from bamboo fiber and corn starch - That's it!

Dish made from corn starch and bamboo, insert made from bamboo.

Countertop Soap Dish Dimensions: Dimensions: 5 "x 3.3" x 1"

Travel Soap Dish Dimensions:  5" x 3-3/8" x 1-3/4" (Bamboo insert is approximately 4" x 2.5".) When closed with the lid, the dish can hold bars about an inch thick. Remove the bamboo insert to fit larger bars. 

PLEASE NOTE: Because the travel soap dish is completely plastic free, it does not have any latches to secure the lid. When traveling we recommend keeping a natural rubber band, or string tied around it to avoid the lid from coming off.