Solid Dish Soap (Bumbucha)
Solid Dish Soap (Bumbucha)

Solid Dish Soap (Bumbucha)

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You won't miss liquid detergent with this solid dish soap. It produces a nice bubbly lather that cuts through grease. A little of this paraben-, sulfate-, preservative-, artificial coloring-, and fragrance-free soap goes a long way.

Sold as a single 12 oz block.

INGREDIENTS: olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide*, french green clay, pacific sea salt
*while sodium hydroxide is a necessary component of the soap-making process, none remains in the finished product

HOW TO USE: Rub damp sponge or dish scrubber on top of the soap block to create a lather, then use that lather to wash your dishes like normal. A little lather goes a long way, no need to overuse! You can also cut off a small section and dissolve in hot water to use as a liquid dishwashing soap, but only do a small amount at a time as this soap does not contain preservatives against water-borne mold. Do not use in dishwasher machine.

As this is a handmade soap, we highly recommend storing it on a soap dish that lets the soap dry out between uses. Handmade soaps tend to be softer than commercially made soaps, so letting it dry between uses will help you prevent taking more than you need.

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