Organic bamboo drinking straw harvested and finished on Oahu by Strawaii

Bamboo Straw (made with organic Hawaii bamboo)

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Bamboo in Hawaii's forests takes over and shades out all other vegetation in the wet areas where it grows, putting native species at risk. Strawaii harvests these invasive bamboo plants which grow rampant in the wild, cuts, and finishes them to make desirable bamboo straws.

Know that when you buy a Strawaii straw, you aren't just saving turtles from plastic straws, you're giving native plants in the forest a chance to live.

Since they are a naturally grown product, these bamboo straws vary in length, width, color and shape. They are organic and 100% chemical-free, with no bleach, and no formaldehyde.  Each handcrafted straw takes ~10 minutes to be created and made perfectly smooth.