Eco Dish Sponge, single-ply
Eco Dish Sponge, single-ply

Eco Dish Sponge, single-ply

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Our 100% compostable Eco-Sponges replace soft plastic sponges with all-natural loofah for dish washing. You can also take one of the sponges and use it exclusively for the body, as it makes a great exfoliating body sponge in the bath. 

How to use for dish washing: Rub Eco-Sponge on your solid dish soap or pump liquid dish soap on it and lather up dishes as usual. It will create a nice bubbly foam just like an ordinary sponge, but without creating micro plastics that wash down the drain. For best longevity, rinse clean and squeeze dry after using, then place it in a dry spot where it can drain. Once you're ready to replace your sponge, compost the old one or bury it in the garden.

Notes: If you use a heavy amount of animal grease when cooking, you might replace more often, or wash it with soap & baking soda with hot water several times to dislodge stuck grease. You can sanitize the sponge by microwaving the damp sponge for 20 seconds, or dipping in boiling water. Sanitizing and cleaning your sponge can help extend the life of it. 

Pair with our Wooden Dish Brush, or pot scrubber for stuck on foods.

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