Reusable Swabs
Reusable Swabs

Reusable Swabs

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Say goodbye to single-use cotton swabs and hello to reusable swabs! This set of two is made with a bamboo handle and silicone tips you can use, wash, & reuse! Comes with 4 different tips for all uses.

Use reusable swabs as you would a normal cotton swab. After use, wash with warm water and mild soap. Dry throughly before storing.

While the silicone tip is not absorbent you can clean the outside of your ear with the bumpy swab to lift dirt from your ears. The swab works best on dry ears. Use the rounded tip and the pointed tip for use with makeup.

Swabs are stored in individual slots in the bamboo container held together with a magnet on each end. The case is the perfect size for any pocket, purse, travel bag, etc.!

Dimensions: 4.25" x 1.25" x 0.75"