Reimagining waste as resource

Reversible fabric basket in a light blue and cream colored starfish & coral design on a whitewashed wood background.

We all love a good rags-to-riches story don't we, especially when the end result is so amazing that you'd never guess how far (s)he's come? That's why I get so excited about beautiful products made from fabric remnants like our exclusive Rix Kaukau Kits and our new reversible fabric baskets (above). These products are lovely in their own right, but they're made from new fabric that was likely just being stored until it was eventually discarded, and turn them into something beautiful and desirable.

These kinds of products are special because they literally turn trash into treasure. And that's the kind of thinking we need to do more often as our world is increasingly drowning in garbage.

I challenge you to see if you can turn trash into treasure in your household by implementing these ideas : repurpose, renew, and upcycle.

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