• Why I love bars

    I ❤️❤️❤️ bars! Candy bars, rock bars, but especially soap bars . I didn't always, though. But as I grew in my knowledge of how to live with les...
  • My Eco-Friendly Journey and Our Promise to You

    Now that I know that much of the problem with waste is plastic, I chuckle at my early attempts at going green.
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    Handwashing Q&A
    • How to wash your hands to get rid of germs
    • Is bar soap dirty?
    • Is anti-bacterial soap better?
    • Is foamy soap effective?
    • Can you wash too much?
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    Not all that is organic belongs in the compost pile. Some of these composting dos and don'ts may surprise you.
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    Seven easy zero-waste swaps that you can use every day in your kitchen.