About Us

Sustainable island living

Onekea Bros. General Store helps people to live aloha ‘āina through better consumer choices. We sell products that help consumers enjoy a sustainable lifestyle: zero waste consumables that don't contain chemicals or artificial ingredients and reusable, high-vibe home goods that can be returned to the earth when they are no longer of use. As much as possible, our products are crafted here in Hawaii.
Founded by lifelong Kaimuki resident Kawehi Onekea, Onekea Bros. General Store is named for her sons who help operate the business. Sustainable living is at the heart of the general store -- from sourcing products that support other local businesses and keep money in the local economy to replacing disposables with natural and reusable goods, and giving new life and purpose to resources that would otherwise become part of the waste stream.

Are you a vendor with similar values? We'd love to hear from you.

Onekea Bros. General Store is looking for like-minded vendors who manufacture  items in Hawaii. In particular, we are looking for items that are

  • Locally crafted. While we understand that many raw materials are simply not manufactured in Hawaii, we do require that everything we sell has some component from Hawaii. That component can be design, manufacture, or locally-grown ingredients.
  • Sustainably produced. We care about the impact our choices make on others and the environment, so we are looking for sustainably harvested components, reclaimed materials, and/or products made without chemicals or plastic.
  • Authentically local. We want to showcase our incredibly talented and creative Kama'āina who produce items that celebrate the beauty of Hawaii.

If that sounds like you, please fill out a vendor application.