Wool Dryer Balls, Mix n Match Critters (4-pack)

Wool Dryer Balls, Mix n Match Critters (4-pack)

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Make Laundry Day fun with these cuties!

Do you use dryer sheets to cut static cling? What if you could use an organic alternative that is also reusable (1,000 times!), doesn't release toxic chemicals, and dries your laundry 25% faster?

Meet Wool Dryer Balls! The balls will get in between the towels and clothing in your dryer and, using their weight, pull them apart so the hot air can dry your laundry more quickly and efficiently, and ultimately reduce your energy usage. Use four balls in each small batch of laundry, six balls for a large load.

Sold in sets of 4 -- one of each critter -- in a storage bag.

Dimensions: 7 cm diameter.

Made in Nepal with 100% organic New Zealand wool.