Organic Cotton Mesh Bags, 2-pack

Organic Cotton Mesh Bags, 2-pack

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Set contains two organic, cotton mesh, drawstring bags with a wooden bead closer:

  • 1 large bag (10.5" W x 16" L)
  • 1 medium bag (10.5" W x 12.5" L)

You can use them to store produce and launder your delicates in the washing machine.

Why switch to these machine washable mesh bags made from organic cotton? On average, a plastic produce bag found at most grocers take 70-100 years to break down -  leaving behind microplastics that will stick around forever. Nylon lingerie bags are made from plastic and release microfibers into the wash water that enter the sewer system and ultimately end up in the ocean. In contrast, these bags are natural -- not synthetic -- and they can be composted at the end of their lives to return to the earth.

Please note that the bags in this set do not have a tare weight on the label.